Stylish And Inspiring Metal Awnings

Stylish And Inspiring Metal Awnings

Awnings have had a long history in Egypt since ancient times and were primarily used to protect against heat, blazing sun, wind and rain.  These awnings are usually mounted on the outside wall of the building and, as mentioned, serve different purposes.  Many other techniques are available today, but the use of awnings offers significant protection from extreme weather conditions.  Another important advantage of these awnings is that they prevent heat from entering the house and relieve the load on the air conditioning system.

Awnings are usually made from a variety of materials like acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass, natural materials like wood and canvas, metal and more.  Compared to all these awnings, metal awnings are the most recommended as they are known for their durable, low maintenance silk finish that can be painted and matched to the finish of the home.  The downside, however, is that metal rusts and therefore needs to be repainted occasionally.

Metal awnings are available in different colors that you can choose according to your preferences and to match your home.  If you want the awnings to stand out, you can take them outside into your home for a bright or contrasting color.  If you are considering awnings for the sole purpose of shading, it is advisable to choose light colors or colors that harmonize with the color of the house.  This will prevent the metal awning from becoming the focal point.

Not all awnings are the same;  Some metal awnings are used for either windows or doors, again depending on the person.  Below are a few different types of awnings.  There are awnings or other sails, free standing awnings that are retractable, drop arm awnings that are also retractable, then awnings with awning, patio canopy, vertical awnings, all of which are retractable awnings.

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