Inspiring And Timeless Beach Houses

Inspiring And Timeless Beach Houses

A beach house is a house near the beach, often referred to as a second home or vacation home for tourists looking to enhance their weekend or leisure time. When planning a beach house, a lot of expertise is required to take into account that the weather may or may not be sufficient depending on the type of climate and the building materials used in construction. Also, beach houses need special paint to protect them from the salt water. Being built on sand, it also needs a foundation with special requirements.

Beach houses are generally associated with beach gardens with a specific type of planting. Beach houses are built so that you can spend your free time with family or people who rent a beach house on vacation to relax and have a relaxing time with your loved ones. The added benefit of this house type is that all the amenities are available at your fingertips, just like in your own home.

Popular locations for beach homes around the world include the Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas and Barbados. Famous destinations in Europe such as Greece, Cyprus and Corsica, among others. In Asia, the Maldives and Bali remain the preferred travel destinations. Australia has many island nations, with Fiji and the Cook Islands being the most favoured. In Africa, Mauritius and the Seychelles remain top destinations if you are looking for a famous beach house.

There are a few types that are divided into beach houses:

  • Stilts – These are essentially erected above the water or ground surface to prevent flooding. Other uses for these types of homes include fishing, harnessing solar energy in coastal areas, and storing water for irrigation
  • Pier Beach Houses – These are the types of hotels that are essentially near the coast. Amenities of this type of hotel include kitchens, bedrooms, private beaches, and security for individual comfort. People generally prefer this type of hotel because it offers all the added benefits of having some privacy close to the beaches during their vacation.

“If you come home as happy as possible, you have had a great holiday.” – Free time in beach houses.

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