Eye-Catchy Cellular Blinds

Eye-Catchy Cellular Blinds

Pulp blinds look aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of colors that harmonize well with the colors and shades of the walls.  In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean.  Pulp blinds are lightweight, slim and durable, making them the blind choice of choice for most homeowners.

Most homes used to have yellow plastic blinds, which was the most common.  These plastic blinds had a rough shape and mostly got stuck during use.  Times are different now and the pulp blinds currently available come in a variety of variations including faux wood blinds that are slimmer and wider.

Main variants of cell blinds:

  • blackout blinds: Darker cellular blinds are the best way to create darkness in your room as they don’t let even a ray of light through, making the atmosphere ideal for a sound sleep.
  • Self-cleaning blindsThese pulp blinds are easy to move and clean, removing dust with every up and down movement.  The blinds are springy and made of thin plastic, which keeps them clean and shiny at all times.
  • Temperature control blinds: These cellular blinds remain efficient and of higher quality for a long time.  Depending on the climate, you can control the room atmosphere very effectively in the form of heat or cold.  They have smaller cell pockets that completely enclose the air and can affect the room temperature to some extent.
  • Cordless blinds: The blinds are wireless and remain intact and flexible in movement.  These blinds are cut neatly on the machines and are the same size.  They fit well over the entire window and remain stable even in different climatic conditions.

So choose one of these blinds and see how it affects you.


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