Charming And Beautiful Screen Houses

Charming And Beautiful Screen Houses

For those who love nature and fresh air but want to filter out the glare of the sun or insects, Screen Houses are a great place to stay.  They can be described as enclosed pavilions with privacy screens on the walls that allow for good air circulation.  This is a great addition to your garden to create a comfortable outdoor living space that the tropics sorely need.  Both permanent and temporary types are available in the market.  Portable windshields are a popular choice for campers because they can be easily attached to a vehicle’s hitch.

These structures can be made of aluminium, wood or other masonry depending on the purpose and location.  Aluminum frames are typically used in attaching these structures to an existing home or building.  Wooden screen houses can be built by yourself depending on the size.  All you need is a little carpentry experience.

Masonry construction may require professional help and is preferred if it is to be durable, long lasting and maintenance free.  The temporary style, which folds easily when not in use, is a better, more stable option if you’re having trouble with the tent.  They are easy to set up and assemble in less than three minutes.  They consist of a waterproof and durable canopy and UV protection grilles.

Screen Houses can also be used as a home for outdoor activities and large-scale events.  They are also equipped with fold-out awnings for additional shade protection.  Instead of wood or metal, these large picture houses can be clad with a canvas canvas roof for better light transmission, which is necessary in such large spaces.

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