Beautiful Deck Cover  You’ll Love

Beautiful Deck Cover  You’ll Love

Your patio can be the gateway to your outdoor accommodation.  However, you may want to stay outside even when it’s raining or when the sun is at its strongest.  In such cases, a partial roof or canopy would be much easier.  It creates a more comfortable space on your patio and allows you to comfortably enjoy your hot tub or outdoor BBQ after a long day.  A little shelter and shade will make your outdoor space that much more livable.  This section lists just a few commonly used top cover options.

  • Terrace pergola: One of the simplest patio covers is a pergola, an arrangement of open rafters held up by posts.  They are usually made of a material that is indistinguishable from your decking and railings.  Pergolas do not protect against rain, but they do provide shade and a sense of security at home.  You can build creepers into rafters and hang skylights for magical social evenings.
  • deck roof: With a full roof, often also called patio roof, basically the same methods are used as with a general roof.  Installing a patio roof requires support posts, rafters, decking, roofing material, and possibly a drainage and downspout system to allow rainwater to drain away.
  • deck canopy: For some decks, a slide out panel or sunshade is a good choice.  They open up to ward off sun and rain and hide when protection is not needed.  They are made from treated canvas or weatherproof fabric bonded to a metal edge.  Deck canopies can be operated manually or with a remote control.  Some advanced automatic models have sensors that retract the top when strong winds are detected.


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